11 Of Our Favorite Holiday-Themed Television Episodes


Remember that time Beyoncé ruined Christmas?

At this point, you've probably watched all the Home Alone movies twice (including the third one which, unpopular opinion, isn't terrible), along with Elf and the CHRISTMAS CLASSIC (we don't care what the internet says) Love Actually. You've done good, but you could do better. 

Turn off the 24-hour showing of A Christmas Story for a minute and queue up some holiday-themed television shows. Yes, holiday cheer exists outside of film and also come in convenient 30-minute bite-size packages. We rounded up our favorites ahead. Most are available on Netflix or other streaming services and the others you can likely hunt down on the dark corners of the internet (we know you have your ways). Merry, merry! 

30 Rock, “Ludachristmas”
Season two is when 30 Rock really hit its stride. This episode centers around Liz Lemon’s seemingly perfect family and Jack’s demanding, pessimistic mother. But the standout story line belongs to Kenneth the Page, Tracy Morgan’s alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet, and the rest of the crew’s indifference to the true meaning of Ludachristmas (which, to them, is “getting crap and eating too much”).