Your February Horoscopes Are Here

What the stars have in store for you this month

Illustrated by Jihyang Lim

Move Over, Cupid!
Candy companies, jewelry storefronts, and Hallmark should all be sending out praises to the cosmos this February. Yes, it’s the month of roses, Valentines, and all things Cupid, but February is poised to be a hot one on the romance front, regardless of Saint Valentine’s Day’s yearly arrival.

Love, sex, and a luxurious-yet-assertive boost to many signs’ earnings can be expected as early as February 3, thanks to sensual Venus hooking up with her ancient celestial lover, Mars, in his home sign Aries. This Bonnie and Clyde-style planetary pairing will stay entwined in a passionate embrace all month, influencing nearly every other stellar aspect ahead. The scorching flames of passion from these two planets show no signs of being extinguished, despite a gradual slowdown at month’s end in preparation for Venus’ rare slumber when she travels retrograde in March. Hey, a girl’s gotta sleep sometime!

The headline news this month lies in two dynamic eclipses bookending the month and kicking off a pearl-strand of unusually gentle, favorable eclipses throughout 2017. The series begins with a fiery Lunar Eclipse in Leo the Lion on February 10, fanning the lusty flames of our deepest sense of emotional satisfaction, especially in connection with personal creativity, true love and romance, as well as children and parenthood. Our faith in ourselves and the transcendent power of love and creativity is only deepened as the month continues, culminating in a powerfully optimistic Solar Eclipse in imaginative Pisces on February 26. The last week of the month is ideally set up for initiating a new creative venture or committing to a project employing your most personal—even secret—artistic skills and talents, however that manifests in your life. Don’t waver in your sense of self-assuredness: Personal, private faith in your own power is the only weapon you need.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): Some Like it Hot
February is on fire for you, Aries, so where January might’ve left you feeling flat—or just plain baffled—this month offers a do-over. Late last month, Mars, your ruling planet, made himself at home in your sign, and on February 3, Venus will shimmy over to your sign to meet her cosmic lover. This planetary power couple will be dancing cheek-to-cheek to their own sultry tune all month long—and you Rams will reap every last benefit.

Firstly, expect a much-needed (and well-deserved!) swell of self-confidence after the 3rd. Most deliciously, luxurious Venus will ensure you’re feeling more beautiful and desireable than you have in ages. Add assertive Mars’ influence, and you’ve got a powerful-yet-sophisticated surge of ambition and an uncanny ability to manifest anything quickly and easily. You’re incredibly persuasive throughout the month: Your cup runneth over with a self-starting, entrepreneurial spirit. Thinking of launching a new business, freelancing, or expanding existing self-employment? Tackle it in February.

Professional success and wild earning potential inspire new magnetism and act as aphrodisiacs, translating to wildly exciting developments in your love and sex lives. Thanks to Mars’ self-assured nature, you’ll have the courage to pounce, infusing your libido with a new boldness. A dazzling Lunar Eclipse in friendly fire sign Leo illuminates your true love sector while in a tender, loving angle to Jupiter in your 7th House of Commitment on February 10. Anticipate harmony between you and your sweetheart—the cosmic conditions are ideal for leveling up. Exclusivity, cohabitation, and even engagement are all in the stars mid-month. Already married? Baby could make three (or more!), so be vigilant with practicing safe sex through February if you’re not ready for that. It’s not just your potential that’s extra fertile this month!