5 Women-Fronted Punk Bands We’re Obsessed With

    + their advice on creating your own path

    by · July 11, 2016

    Whether it’s angry music to thrash your limbs to or slow, melodic, dreamy grunge meant to make you fall in love, punk music made by women occupies a special, permanent place in our hearts. But the punk scene isn't the easiest place to be a woman in. Typically something of a boy's club, making it as a woman in this music genre is no small feat. 

    With that in mind, we’ve highlighted five women who are using their voice, literally and figuratively, to break the stereotypes associated with women in music. Whether it’s by heading their own band like Jenny Tuite of Dirty Dishes, speaking up for causes that are important à la Glittoris, or working with feminist charities like Art School Jocks is doing, these women are anything but complacent; they’re using their dissatisfaction with a cisgender white male scene to create their own path, and alter the sound of what “punk” is while they’re at it. In case you didn’t know where to start on your journey to discovering these punk goddesses, here are some of our favorite women-fronted punk bands that are making waves (and mosh pits) one show at a time. Added bonus: We got them to dish out advice on how women can embark on their own journeys to empowerment.

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