This Is What Happens When Four Feminists Band Together In The Name Of Art

“I don’t think about being appealing or likable to men in my work”

photograph by Savanna Ruedy

Historically speaking, we have seriously been deprived of the art that women create. Women have been bombarded by the omnipresent male gaze and shut out from art institutions like galleries and museums. But, plenty of women have been working to change that reality, and now there's a new collective of young women joining the fray.

Artist Grace Miceli (aka Art Baby Girl), model Savannah Louise, photographer Savanna Ruedy, and art director Norah Stone came together to create a poignantly fun and feminist photo series. Inspired by the subversion of early Playboy ads, the crew describes their photos as filled with “gloss, shine, color, texture, reflection, and body positivity.”

The girls in this crew are no newbies to the art scene, though—Art Baby Girl has her own online gallery, Ruedy has shot for the likes of Betsey Johnson, Stone was once a graphic designer at MTV, and Louise has been featured in publications as both a model and a stylist. Individually and combined, these creatives have a list of credentials that rival any mediocre dude in the industry.

Linking up IRL and through the internet, the artsy girl group started the project trying to play off one another’s artistic styles. Obviously, that was just the beginning. What resulted from their artistic fusion is an intensely important photo series that explores femininity, the female gaze, and notions of bodily autonomy that play out through explosions of pastel colors, texture, and kitschy press on tattoos and gloss—lots of gloss.

We recently spoke to the collective about how their girl-powered collab came about. Check the interview out in the gallery, below.


Photo by Savanna Ruedy
How did everyone become friends?
Savanna Ruedy: I know Norah from going to Minneapolis College of Art and Design for undergrad. I know Savannah because of the art scene in Minneapolis. I met Grace through the internet because I love, love her work. Grace and Savannah happened to work together. Oh, and we all worked at American Apparel [laughs]. Small world.
Savannah Louise: I went to the same art school as Norah and Savanna, and when I moved to New York City, I met Grace because we both worked at the same place and became friends.
Norah Stone: It's actually kinda cute that we've all worked at American Apparel at one point in our lives. I've known Savannah since I was 17. Savanna and I went to art school in Minneapolis together, and since then have definitely become closer friends after relocating out East. New York can be a really isolating place, so it's nice to know I have a group of friends that have roots in my hometown. I met Grace the day of the photo shoot, but I've been following her work for quite some time.
Grace Miceli: I met Savannah because we both used to work at American Apparel and Savanna reached out to me about collaborating last summer. The three of us have worked together on a few shoots before this, and it has always been a really fun experience.