14 of your favorite musicians, captured via polaroid

over two music festivals.

photo by Sarah L. Mendelsohn

Taking photos at music festivals is hard work. Most of the time, your phone battery dies and the disposable camera you brought somehow finds itself across multiple fields, never to be seen again. Then, when you're finally all charged up and ready to take photos with your friends, you realize that you're covered in Mother Nature's favorite primer: dirt and sweat. After this realization, you make your way through the sea of festivalgoers to snap some photos of your favorite artists—but without a gigantic zoom lens, they never seem to come out quite right.

Sarah L. Mendelsohn took matters into her own hands, but she used a different angle—and no, it wasn't a selfie. Using Impossible Project Polaroid film, the photographer managed to shoot 14 different bands at SXSW and Coachella. We're the only place on the web with access to these rare photos, so feast your eyes on them in the gallery above! Also, if you want to keep tabs on Sarah, like her photography page on Facebook.


photo by Sarah L. MendelsohnDead Sara