10 Films That Will Change The Way You See Race In America


Welcome to the melting pot

When reality can be too much to deal with, we often turn to art as a form of distraction. Films have this magical way of taking our minds elsewhere, but sometimes they have the ability to leave us with a new perspective that we never saw before. From features to documentaries, viewers are offered glimpses of worlds both familiar and foreign and potentially given the opportunity to explore controversial topics in a totally new way that hopefully will give them a better understanding of the world we live in. 

We rounded up 10 films that primarily deal with the sensitive topic of race relations, while also touching on issues of sexual and gender identity, and accurately capture the experience of otherness in the United States. Both fiction and documentary, all of these movies will leave you speechless and most likely alter your perception of what it means to be a marginalized person in this country.

Get the bite-size version of each film in the gallery below.

Paris is Burning
This documentary gives an inside look at New York City’s drag scene in the '80s. It explores the intersection of race, class, and gender, drawing attention to homeless youth.