8 Tiny Hacks To Meet Your Health Goals This Year

Illustrated by Jihyang Lim

And health ones

January 1 has come and gone, so you’re probably pretty sick of making big, sweeping resolutions. Maybe you’re well on your way to fitness greatness, or—like most of us—your resolutions are far from resolved. Whether you’re slaying your daily hot yoga class at the gym or finding reasons you should skip it in favor of catching up on Netflix (or falling somewhere in the middle of that spectrum), there are a few easy ways to add just a bit of wellness to your day that won’t be as painful as that hour-long CrossFit class you keep meaning to go to.

Start the day with a 10-minute walk
Right when you wake up, kick-start your day and your body with a mini-version of fasted state training, a style of training being picked up by pro endurance athletes around the world. Basically, by training in a semi-fasted state (i.e before breakfast), your body learns to use fat stores more efficiently, rather than relying on sugar-burning for energy. You don’t need to do sprints to get the benefits, either: just a quick walk around the block (listening to a Wake Up and Crush playlist, of course) will rev you up for the day ahead.