FKA twigs And Nike Want You To Believe In More

Photo courtesy of Nike

So, do ya?

FKA twigs is here to help you not only stick to that new year resolution of becoming your best self but to also look as good as possible while doing it. 

After teasing her collaboration with Nike yesterday, the official campaign has arrived in all its inspiring aggro glory. It features twigs alongside 12 athletes who have made their craft their life's passion. "I saw it as an opportunity to let young people know they have the power to become the best versions of themselves," twigs, NikeWomen's new ambassador, says in a statement. "I wanted everyone involved to be young, talented, and inspired." Indeed, twigs enlisted 17-year-old David Uzochukwu to photograph the campaign, which highlights everyone from a classical violinist who also krumps to US Track & Field star English Gardner. Each member of twigs' troupe of greats rocks what Nike calls its "most innovative running and training tights to date," the Zonal Strength. (They're compression tights that make you more aware of your muscles as you pump iron, sprint, vogue, karate kick, and more.) This year's Post-apocalyptic athleisure is the answer to 2016's Cool Girl Eating Sweetgreen athleisure.

The singer cites an "[ache] to succeed, to heal, to make a difference in the world" as her driving force in the campaign video. She makes a strong case for getting and keeping your head in the game by debuting her new song, "Trust In Me," for the campaign as well. Can you argue when the song is as sinisterly hypnotic as this one is? Do you even want to believe in more, bro? Get on twigs' vibration level, and perhaps you'll see what more is. Or, put your trust in yourself, and more will be revealed to you the deeper your connection with your own body and its movements becomes. Swoosh, there it is. 

See the dreamy campaign, below.

Photo courtesy of Nike