This Killer New Collab Makes Us Want To Invest In Scented Lingerie

    Fleur du Mal has partnered with Kilian for steamy collab

    by · November 09, 2017

    Fact: Luxury intimates and ready-to-wear brand Fleur du Mal sells some of the prettiest lingerie around. Also fact: Luxury fragrance brand Kilian makes some of the most intoxicating scents around. Which is why when the two decided to partner up for a collaboration, we knew that it would land on our holiday wish list regardless of what the end product would end up being. And the end product? A collection of scented lingerie and sexy accessories that landed online today. As anticipated, we’re obsessed.

    While no two other brands could have convinced us to give scented underwear a try, as already mentioned, Fleur du Mal and Kilian are not just any two brands. Fleur Du Mal founder, Jennifer Zuccarini, tells us that the partnership came about quite organically. “I met Kilian [Hennessy’s] wife Elisabeth through a mutual friend, and we instantly hit it off. She mentioned Kilian wanted to develop a lingerie collection encapsulated with his fragrance. We loved the idea and started working together, along with our lace mill in France, to make it happen,” she says. “Fragrance is such an emotional and personal experience—very much like lingerie. It felt like a natural collaboration.”

    The 10-piece collection includes a silk and lace kimono, slip tank and shorts, bodysuit, bra, two underwear styles, and accessories (garter belt and cuffs), all made from stunning handcrafted French lace that is woven from threads scented with microcapsules of Kilian’s signature Love, Don’t Be Shy fragrance. “We spent a lot of time with Kilian and his team, looking at different laces and sketching ideas, to decide on the perfect styles,” says Zuccarini. “We wanted some naughtier pieces, like the cuffs and collar-and-panty set, but designed everything to be detachable and easily worn as accessories. The bodysuit, camisole, and kimono can all be worn out as well, tying back to Fleur du Mal’s philosophy of dressing up and undressing.”

    The fragrance was embedded into the fabric using a “micro-encapsulation” process during which “tiny particles or droplets are surrounded by a coating,” a step that’s performed “after dyeing the laces in the mill, to add long-lasting scent to the lingerie.” The scent, which already existed as part of Kilian’s roster, was chosen to complement the lingerie brand’s feminine aesthetic. “Love, Don’t Be Shy takes inspiration from the marshmallow, it’s a fragrance that is sweet but still sensuous,” she says. “We tested about 10 different scents and finally narrowed it down. We chose a fragrance that is almost edible without being overpowering.”

    The collection is priced between $69 and $595 and available now. If that seems too pricey for you, know that the high-quality line will be carried through the holiday season and Valentine’s Day should you want to drop someone a hint. In the meantime, see all the pieces from the collection, below.

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