10 fragrances perfect for tomboys

photo via getty images

how to smell like a campfire, not a cupcake garden

Not crazy about spraying yourself with the scent of flowers or baked goods? If you’re rocking an androgynous style, it can be tricky to navigate women’s fragrance shelves, which are still dominated by floral, often cloyingly sweet scents. Of course, borrowing from the boys isn’t always simple, either—one note of cedar too many, and you’re treading in grandpa territory. But tomboys of the world need not despair. These days, both small-batch indie shops and high-end designers are thinking outside the gender binary, reaching for smoke, tobacco, wood, and more to create unisex scents that truly anyone can wear. If you happen to find the scent of vintage leather jackets and smoldering campfires more appealing than gardenias or lilac, read on.

L’aromatica Bourbon, $30 (5 mL). Elements: Cedarwood, balsamic woods, pipe tobacco, clove, bourbon vanilla, cognac. A mellow, oil-based perfume inspired by oak barrel-aged whiskey, with resins, cloves, and a touch of vanilla. Pair with houndstooth jacket and elbow patches for best results.