friends’ top 10 fashion moments of all time


to wear while binge watching.

We normally don’t start thinking about the post-holidays this early, but something major came up that's actually making us want to skip the holiday season altogether. Earlier this week, Netflix announced that they will release all 10 seasons of Friends beginningJanuary 1, 2015. That’s 236 episodes (a.k.a. 83 full hours) of everyone’s favorite ‘90s comedy....the best present we could ever ask for!

To celebrate, we hand-picked our favorite fashion moments from show, just in case some of you have already forgotten about the good old days when everybody mimicked Phoebe’s bohemian vibes, Rachel’s ‘posh mom’ style, and Joey’s lovable fashion faux pas.

Looks like we know what we’ll be watching (and wearing) all January long...

photo via NBCIn 'The One Where The Monkey Gets Away,' Rachel took school-girl chic to the next level by toning it down and making it totally grown up—while chasing down Marcel the monkey, that is.