10 Cheeky Adult Coloring Books For Your Inner Immature Child

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Happy National Coloring Book day!

Life is but a series of trials and tribulations all bent on reclaiming our childhood sense of awe, wonder, and imagination. Jadedness comes with adulthood and learning how to combat it is essential. At some point in your adult life, the urge to color will come over you. It will be bizarre and have you questioning your sanity. You'll go quiet on Instagram Stories because your Sundays are no longer spent brunching, but coloring.

Do not be ashamed, dear adult friend! Coloring is therapeutic and the books out there these days are more than Hot Wheels, Barney, and Disney Princesses. Remember when your group of friends discovered how enjoyable it is to stay in on Friday night playing board games instead of waiting in line for some party? Extend that mentality to your me time. Hell, invite your friends over for a coloring book party! You're adults, after all, and can enjoy adult things while coloring adult coloring books. National Coloring Book Day, today, August 2, is not just for the kids; it's for you. Reclaim that joy with the following selection of tongue-in-cheek, sometimes NSFW selection of books to color in (or outside of). Then be a real adult, take your masterpiece out of the book, put it on a frame, and hang it. That's the grown-up version of sticking it to the fridge.

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When you want to "do it for the kids, bro," try your hand at these Yeezys. And Yeezys on Yeezys. 808s and heartbreaks not included.

Color Me Kanye: The Greatest Unauthorized Kanye West Coloring Book of All Time by Noah Levenson and illustrated by Arturo Torres, $7.90 available at Barnes & Noble.