gender fluid photo series proves beauty has no limit

Photo: Gabrielle Revere.

gabrielle revere + seth atwell are one stunning duo

Photographer Gabrielle Revere has photographed a ton of models in her life, but none seem to have connected with her lens more than gender fluid model Seth Atwell. The model, who you may recognize from Hood By Air’s most recent show or Telfar’s, is her subject of a visually striking photo series that further blurs the line of gender and ideas of the self.

Speaking with NYLON over email, Revere told us gender is, “Identity as a means of expression without constraints.” Indeed, Atwell’s chameleon-like ways appear to be as unrestricted as ever. Seth effortlessly transforms into a space-age queen from a suited dandy. “The dynamic of Seth’s ability to fluctuate seamlessly between masculine and feminine was like watching dual entities interchange and merge into a singular reflection,” Revere told us. It’s a stunning body of work that, when all things are considered, obliterate our definitions of beauty. In Revere’s words, “Beauty is limitless.” Amen to that.

Photo: Gabrielle Revere.