3 Gender-Neutral NYE Party Outfits To Embrace For 2017


There is no box

Gender is a construct. This is something 2016 has taught us time and time again. It's a costume we put on each and every day. Many brands are beginning to introduce more gender-neutral marketing and pieces to their clientele, but there is still quite a way to go before it's the norm. That means those searching for more gender-neutral outfits for their New Year's Eve festivities have to find ways to be more creative: a "men's" blazer here, a "women's" shoe there, etc. But, since there is no true gender box and you can only click through so many NYE party outfit roundups before growing weary with the ways of the gender binary world, here are three outfits to help inspire. Think of them as outfits for everybody—regardless of gender identity. Here's to a year of dressing proudly.

Fucc Yo Trend
Black on black on black on black is always a party outfit win (honestly, an every day win, too). Make the hoodie fashion trend your own and channel the pop-punk fantasy you long for in an oversize hoodie, skinny jeans, and platform Docs. Nudie Jeans may make "men's" clothes, but they're known to be more unisex than anything, much like the hoodie and ravey twist on a classic Dr. Martens boot.

Nudie Jeans, Skinny Lin in 'Black Waves,' $210.00, available at Nudie JeansGenderFlux, Neither 2.0 Black Hoodie, $60.00, available at GenderFluxDr. Martens, Jadon Boot, $170.00, available at Dr. Martens.