The Powerful Looks Hollywood Women Wore To Tonight’s Golden Globes

The Time’s Up movement was in full force

Usually awash with greens and blues and other jewel colors, the Golden Globes red carpet this year was a sea of black in honor of the Time's Up movement. Nearly every actress present chose to stand in sartorial solidarity, to protest sexual assault, harassment, and gender inequality across all industries. 

Now, some have questioned how much of an impact wearing one color can have. And, it’s hard to say. But, it’s a start and, though quiet, it’s refreshing to witness stars not only using their fashion to make a statement but also their platforms, by way of red carpet interviews and acceptance speeches. As Meryl Streep said during one such interview, the women of Hollywood are “standing together in a thick black line dividing now from then.” And we can’t wait to see what the new era looks like. 

Ahead, we highlight some of the women who took part in tonight’s protest and what some of them had to say about the Time’s Up movement. 

While wearing Prabal Gurung, Kerry Washington talked about why the women behind the Time’s Up movement attended the award show tonight instead of boycotting: “We shouldn't have to sit out the night. We shouldn’t have to give up our seats at the table, our voice in this industry, because of bad behavior that wasn't ours.”