13 Characters We Loved…Until We Realized They Suck

Photo via New Line Cinema

no one is safe…

The thing about a protagonist is that we love them, no matter what sort of horrible, awful, life-altering decisions they make. The nature of filming and the tendency to align the perspective with the "good guy" helps viewers forget that the good guys (and girls) in some of our favorite, classic movies make terrible, unforgiveable mistakes—like murdering innocent people, being an awful friend, and just having a really nasty attitude. From a distance, some classic characters aren't very kind at all, which is why we made this list. Don't let 'em live it down, guys.  

With help from Hayden Manders, Ben Barna, Gabriel Bell, and Mickey Stanley. 

Photo via Jim Henson Company

Sarah, The Labyrinth
Sarah, the plucky heroine of The Labyrinth, is so confusing that the villain of the film actually sings a song about how he has no idea what the hell she wants, because he has given her everything she asked for. All Sarah does is dream about being a powerful, smart queen in a fantasy land, so much so that she treats her parents cruelly when they ask her to babysit her brother. So when she begs David Bowie to take said brother away, he does. And when she begs for him back, he gives her a chance, and then eventually relents. And although he was a totally babely David Bowie (who was definitely a child predator—Sarah was 15, but this is high fantasy and queens got married at all sorts of ages, right?) and asks her to marry him and rule beside him, she refuses. She actually gets everything she asks for, and is still pissed off. Also, why would Sarah ever want to go back to the Toronto soundstage she lives in instead of ruling over a Jim Henson wonderland?