Hayley Williams’ Hair Dye Brand Is Coming To Sephora

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for CBS Radio Inc.

Starting tomorrow

Hayley Williams, who is equally famous for her constant hair evolutions as she is for her astounding vocal range, launched a line of cruelty-free hair dye a couple of years ago. GoodDyeYoung has a wide range of bright shades—and starting tomorrow, they’ll all be available at Sephora.

Included in the offering are two favorites from the brand: the Poser Paste and Semi-Permanent Hair Color. Poser Paste is a “hair makeup” that comes in eight colors, washes out after a day or two with shampoo, and doesn’t make your hair look stiff (bless). The Semi-Permanent Hair Color is just that—a range of ultra-pigmented shades that last a few weeks. The brand also stocks lighteners and all the tools you need when making a hair color switch, like gloves and mixing bowls. While the products are not in brick-and-mortar stores just yet, we hope that this brand partnership leads to the line being on IRL shelves.

Williams shared the news via Twitter on Friday, adding, "Listen, i know im emotional every day but I AM EMOTIONAL today."

Shop GoodDyeYoung products on the brand’s website now and at Sephora starting tomorrow.