How To Wear Black For The Holidays Without Looking Like A Total Goth


Dressed to kill, but not your holiday spirit

When the holidays finally come around, most people get a little too literal with themes. Red and green are suddenly everywhere, and it's hard not to feel pressured to wear those hues. That can be frustrating because (1) we don't all celebrate Christmas and (2) since when are holidays defined by colors? Why not wear purple? Silver? Or, even better, black? That gothest of colors tends to be excluded from the holiday narrative, but it's one of the most flattering colors on the spectrum. It's no secret that black looks great on everybody, so why not consider wearing it to dinner on Christmas Eve or Chanukkah?

Of course, you can always count on at least one relative to question your clothing choice, but we've selected 25 items that won't make your family extra suspicious of you being a goth. (Save that turmoil and angst for another holiday like Valentine's Day.) Peep all the pieces in the gallery, below.

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