Hey, Quick Question: What Happened At Gov Ball This Year?

Photos by Hayden Manders; Illustrated by Ji Lim

This happened

Governors Ball is New York City's festival. It combines the best of what this sleepless city has to offer, from food vendors to talent and downtown style. It's a long three-day weekend, but one that's rich with good sounds, good eats, and good people. We ventured up to Randall's Island each and every day in search of one thing: an escape. Unsurprisingly, we found it in spades. (You haven't truly lived until you've jumped around with Bleachers playing their new album on the day it was released.) With Nina Westervelt by our side and a Fuji Instax camera in tow, we documented it all because memories are fleeting, but photos—especially digital ones—are forever. (And yes, we want to remember this moment forever.) Until next year, Gov Ball! Thanks for always doing great.

Photo by Hayden Manders

Let's get lost.