23 Photos That Prove NYC Street Style Makes For Perfect Gov Ball Fashion

Photographed by Nina Westervelt

Downtown cool

New York City style can't be pinned down because it's all about attitude. Of course, most New Yorkers' closets are full of black, but hey, there are a million different ways to rock the color so that it's never boring. With that said, it's all about how you wear your uniform rather than what you're wearing. So it's no surprise that Gov Ball festivalgoers know a thing or two about mixing form with function. After all, the possibility of rain on Randall's Island is high and mud will, inevitably, become another accessory.

This year, the rain came and, ultimately, conquered. Sunday's entire schedule was canceled due to weather. (Thanks, Mother Nature...) Aside from the sun's heat, the first two days, however, were absolute godsent. Randall's Island transformed into a mini runway of unique style, future trends, and highlighted how true to New York Gov Ball style really is. Like the City, the style it inspires is individualistic. There aren't throngs of flower crown pseudo-hippies flailing around. Rather, there are thousands of strong, independent style stars just waiting for the camera to catch their look. Here are some of the best.

Photographed by Nina Westervelt

NYLON's own Tina Vaden kicked things off with NYLONshop and a whole lotta cool.