30 gov ball looks that beat the muddy heat

All photos by Nina Westervelt

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One way to describe Governors Ball would be Coachella with New York City grit — almost quite literally. The slightest bit of rain turns this tiny island off of Manhattan into a mud pit, and dressing for that can be, well, tricky. Most people keep the party on top and mud-proof the bottom (Doc Martens can become your best friend). But it’s that trademark grit that makes the street style so exciting. New Yorkers are known for being adaptable, and seeing the ways they experimented and took styling risks while traversing the swampy conditions was exciting. We spotted some stellar style icons this year — both on stage and off.

Click through to see some of our favorites. Hey, you may even find ways to make the rainiest of days in your future fashion-forward.

Photo by Nina Westervelt
The couple who patterns together stays together.