If tonight's Grammys is any proof (and we think it definitely is), we're about to have a major hot-women-in-suits moment. But menswear-inspired couture wasn't the only thing that caught our eye on the red carpet this Grammys' evening. As is Grammys wont, there were sheer cut-outs galore, as well as more pared down, structural gowns that were still anything but expected in their simplicity. Also, did you see Rihanna?! More on that, later.

It's probably not an accident that our favorite artists were the ones that wore the most interesting outfits, but hey: Good taste is why we love 'em. Check out the gallery for some majorly cool takes on red-carpet fashion. Old Hollywood glamour it is not—but that's not what Grammys night is for, anyway. 

photo via getty imagesKat Graham
Kat's Yanina Couture sheer gown looks like a beautiful flower bursting all over her, or maybe like a giant alien butterfly landing upon her person—either way, we can't stop staring at it. Can the whole sheer-gown thing become a space for fashion innovation, please?