A Deep Dive Into The Zodiac Signs For ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Characters


Has there ever been someone more Aries than Alex Karev?

Listen, I watch it, you watch it, we've all watched it rapt with attention and welling with tears, anybody who claims differently is probably someone I don't want to know very well. If you haven't guessed by now, I'm talking about Grey's Anatomy, our Jane Austen of TVland, an epic that sprawls over a decade connecting generations of love addicts. I like to keep it casual and refer to the show as “my old friends over in Shondaland." Being friends with fictional characters for so long has definitely inspired some astrological pondering in me, how could it not? Today, I will take the risk to not only proclaim my probably uncool and yet very deep devotion to Grey's Anatomy (the kind of devotion that just won't quit no matter how many people die in plane crashes), but also venture to guess at their Sun, Rising, and Moon signs.

Meredith Grey: Capricorn, Scorpio Rising, Leo Moon
You might have thought I would save Mer for last, but I know why you’re here and I'm the kind of girl that likes to get to the point, meander, and then return to the point for some further pointing. All good fans know that Meredith likes to describe herself as “darky and twisty,” and it’s true that there’s something shadowy and guarded about our unlikely heroine. She’s the kind of girl you’ve got to win over, even if you’re already fucking her. What we recognize as we come closer is Meredith's role as a catalyst; she changes people, she gives them a home and shows them what it means to do their work. That’s why Scorpio feels apt for a surface built upon some strong Capricorn bones, the kind of bones that recognize darkness and fill that darkness up with seeds for new growth. And finally, because I’ve got to round her out, I offer up the possibility of a Leo Moon. Proud and generous, with lots of children (and adults who act like children), Meredith aims for the top in everything she does, but she’s not going up without bringing everyone she loves up with her.