Gucci Sent Models Down The Runway Carrying Their Own Heads

Photos courtesy of Gucci

No, really!

Milan Fashion Week kicked off today, and it’s having a strong start thanks to Alessandro Michele and his Fall 2018 collection for Gucci. Naturally, it was as weird (and perfect) as ever, even taking place in an “operating theater,” complete with a hospital bed.

Models were sent down the runway in typical Gucci fashion, sporting Michele’s eclectic mix of floral silk scarf prints, crystal and bead embellished dresses and coats, sheer logo prints, and plenty of tweeds, plaids, and other essential fall textures. In many cases, all these things were worn together, layered in true magpie fashion. There was also a heavy focus on headwear this season, with everything from exaggerated 1920s-inspired crystal headpieces to silk turbans and lace ski masks.

Oh, and also, there was literal headwear in the form of some models carrying replicas of their own heads.

This season saw the introduction of lots of new oddities, though perhaps none as striking as the faux-heads. But also, the Yankees logo was emblazoned everything from beanies to suits and Victorian-era coats, and there were ski masks that are most definitely an ode to It. One model had her third eye showing, while others had eyes sprouting on the backs of their hands.

Possibly the most viral element of the show was that, in lieu of handbags, a handful of models carried creatures, like a baby dragon or a snake or a chameleon. These wild accessories, as well as those model heads, are all thanks to Makinarium, a Rome-based factory that produces these bespoke special effects and replicas for films and other projects.

We’re left asking ourselves a few questions: Just how many different references are in this collection? Does Michele even like baseball? What just happened here? It’s magical and kind of creepy and admittedly a little bit confusing, but somehow it all really works. Leave it to Gucci to once again leave us scratching our heads while simultaneously making a mental shopping list.

Check out some of our favorite looks from the collection, below.

Photo courtesy of Gucci