The NYLON Guide To Gothenburg, Sweden

Where to eat, where to drink, and where to shop

Photos by Laura Studarus

Sure Gothenburg might not be as big as Stockholm, but don’t call it Sweden’s second city. For years, Gothenburg has been known as the capital’s artsy cousin—where start-ups, creatives, and students can all thrive at costs lower than in the capital. It’s also, unsurprisingly, a great place to vacation for fans of ocean air, music, fashion, and food. (That’s all of us, right?) Plus it’s walkable! Strap on your sneakers—here’s a few Gothenburg hot spots worth checking out.

Photograph courtesy of Hotel Bellora.


Hotel Bellora: A taste of Italy in the heart of Sweden? Sure, why not. Decked out in stripes, florals, and old-school black-and-white portraits (is that you I spy, Sophia Loren?), theirs is not a décor scheme for the meek. Pop downstairs to their flower- and bottle-lined dining area for a full meal (pizza and meat and sweets—oh my!) or head up to the rooftop bar for generously poured glasses of rosé and cotton candy-colored sunset views. After dark, head back to your room for some serious Netflix and chill action—“chill” in this sentence referring to passing out face-first into your bed. (Seriously, who can stay awake on a pile of pillows that soft?)