The NYLON Guide To Oaxaca City, Mexico

    Where to go, where to eat, and where to stay

    by · December 06, 2017

    The Mexican state of Oaxaca is known for its arts, food, and mezcal. But this summer, it made the news after a serious and devastating earthquake, stories about which have kept some travelers away, negatively affecting the region’s tourist industry. What many people don’t know, though, is that the capital city was largely unaffected. So now might actually be the perfect time to visit, especially because supporting the local economy will really count. Considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Oaxaca City is filled with culture and great things to eat and drink, so it definitely won’t disappoint those who venture there.

    If you are going, you’ll want to skip the guided tours catering to tourists, so that you can really discover the beauty of one of Mexico’s most treasured states. From art galleries and fancy cocktail bars to campsites in forested mountains and well-loved markets, Oaxaca City is the perfect blend of culture and nature. Find out more in our guide, below.

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