Here’s The Best Outerwear For Fall’s In-Between Weather


For when we’re not quite ready to bust out our parkas

Say what you will about summer's oppressive heat and winter's punishing chill, at least you know what you're in for. Fall? It's confusing! Which is why we rounded up the season’s best outerwear offerings, perfect for all of those not-quite-hot-but-not-quite-cold days ahead. Check them out, below.

Photos courtesy of ASOS, Topshop, Maimoun, Pixie Market

The denim jacket
Trade in your sleeveless tops for the classic denim jacket. Some of our favorites for Fall 2018 include vibrant colors, patchwork details, and belted silhouettes.

ASOS, Curve Denim Shrunken Jacket, $64, available at ASOS; Topshop, Purple Denim Jacket, $80, available at Topshop; Calvin Luo, Wave Denim Jacket, $374, available at Maimoun; Pixie Market, Denim Belted Jacket, $135, available at Pixie Market.