make your hair color last forever

Photo by Ben Morris

it’s actually possible

Hair color is one of the few things you can change about your appearance without, you know, surgery. But that doesn't mean it's not kind of a big commitment. As fun as magical unicorn hair colors are, between the root-touchups, the bleach, and the inevitable fading, hair dye has a well-deserved reputation for being high-maintenance.

As true devotees of artificial hair color, we've made it our mission to figure out how to make it last as long as possible. It's not a perfect science, but with the right products, you don't have to worry about throwing down major cash just to have your lilac fade to gray within a week. Click through for what we're using. 

No one should have to choose between washing their hair and maintaining their color. This new shampoo and conditioner from Reverie has only the things you need to get your hair clean and soft—meaning it's not going to strip your color.

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