Hari Nef Celebrates Living Authentically In Luxottica’s Class Of 2016 Campaign

The leader speaks up

Photo by Fumi Nagasaka

Glasses are now undeniably at the forefront of cool. And premium eyewear brand Luxottica makes frames that will have everyone staring for all the right reasons. The Italian company has tapped a few of this generation's coolest trendsetters that intersect the fields of music, fashion, and design to star in its latest campaign: Class of 2016.

This means that people like Hari Nef, Iris Apfel, Rejjie Snow, Mike the Ruler, Gray Sorrenti, and Mae Lapres are putting a modern spin on traditional high school stereotypes. Emerging or established, these style leaders and creative mavericks are changing the way that everyone sees the world. If anything, the campaign will make you wish that yearbooks actually turned out this good. (If you're currently on your yearbook committee, take notes.) 

We recently spoke with Nef about being the leader of the pack in the Class of 2016, and how her perspective on the world at large has changed since she was a high school student. (Shout-outs to the Class of 2011!) Read the Q&A while you flip through the campaign images in the gallery, below.


Photo by Fumi Nagasaka
The Class of 2016 campaign is about turning on traditional high school stereotypes. Could you tell me about the role that you are portraying in this?
I am the teacher. I thought it was really interesting that they put me as the teacher because a lot of people tell me that I've taught them things, and that the work that I do has been instructive or educational to them. That was never something that I set out to do, and it was never something that I did intentionally. I never was like, "Oh, I'm gonna school and teach y'all," but I found it really affirming... I also felt really weird; I'm like 23 and a teacher. But it was cool. I was honored that they designated me as the teacher. It sort of put the way they saw me into a perspective that I had never really seen for myself. At first, I was really confused, and then I thought about it a little more, and then I was just really appreciative that they wanted me to be the teacher. I think there are a lot of people to learn from, I just never thought of myself as one. So I was humbled by that.