Let’s Take A Minute To Appreciate Harry Styles’ Many Suits


Okay, several minutes

I never thought, at the ripe age of 27, I’d find myself admiring the style of a 23-year-old former boy band member. But, then again, the happenings of 2017 have caught a lot of us off guard. And so, here we are, and here I am to talk to you about Harry Styles' pantsuits.

Are you familiar? If you've been following the young star since his even younger One Direction days, I'm going to assume, yes. But maybe, like me, you're only just now becoming privy to his sartorial excellence and finding yourself spending more time than any one person should spend going through his outfit archives. Either way, I think we can all agree that Styles', um, style, is surpassed by few, if any, other celebrities right now. 

Two people who would be quick to agree with us are Canadian sisters Michelle and Simone DeFacendis, the brains behind the Twitter and Instagram accounts Harry Wore What. There, the duo identifies Styles' many, many outfits for their 36K and 20K followers respectively. There are a lot of reasons why the singer's style deserves a spotlight. The sisters, for instance, were drawn to his ability to pull off daring looks. "He’s great at balancing bold prints and loves to experiment with different patterns, cuts, and textures," they tell us. "Also, he’s able to take his own spin on runway looks." They point out the fact that he's turned to not only major brands like Gucci but also lesser known designer such as Charles Jeffrey lately, to make him custom suits. "His unique sense of style keeps us excited and eager to see what he’s going to wear next."

Ditto! This week, in particular, I've found myself checking YouTube every morning to see what the singer's managed to pull together the night before for his residency on the James Corden's The Late Late Show. And, boy, has he been pulling out all of the suit stops. What's perhaps most intriguing about Styles is, as a coworker of mine points out, he doesn't have to dress as impeccably as he does. With looks, charm, and notoriety alone, he's already a star in every teenage (and maybe 20-something) girl's heart. Rather, he does so because it seems like he genuinely cares about not just the fashion industry but his own personal style a great deal. Which, then, begs the question, "Which brand is going to be the first to give this boy a campaign?"

Until that happens, scroll through to see some of our favorite suit moments from Styles. Do so while streaming his very impressive new solo album. Which is another thing we didn't anticipate enjoying in 2017. Life comes at you fast. 

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Photo Via CBS.

Styles' residency on The Late Late Show this week brought us gems like this green velvet number.