The 24 Cutest Accessories For Your Houseplants

Not your basic green thumb

My dad's family ran a flower business in upstate New York for almost 100 years, my mom studied horticulture (she met my dad when she applied for a job), and my brother is a farmer. And me? Well, I can barely keep a cactus alive (I'm an over-waterer). But I loooove plants. Living in the city where apartments are tiny, winter is harsh, and greenery can be hard to come by, houseplants can be a real game changer. Yes, they require basic care, but if some people have dogs, surely you can take care of a plant! Plus you must've heard of air plants at this point, and they literally only need air and maybe a spritz once in a blue moon. Plus plants can totally change a space, making you look and feel like an interior design guru. They make the air cleaner (I've been told) and the vibes better (that is a fact).

And if you haven't noticed, houseplants are kind of having a moment. And because I believe even dying plants can (and should) still look cute, I've rounded up some of my favorite plant accessories. Click through the gallery below to check them out.

BASIC Macramé Plant Hanger, various colors, $26.00, available at Tictail.