How To Be An Expert Hibernator


Hunker down

Growing up in upstate New York, I experienced all the different aspects of winter: building snowmen, shoveling, sleeping with my pajamas inside out and a spoon under my pillow for good luck in the hope of having school closed (results varied), driving in a snowstorm for the first time, having flights cancelled… you get the picture. I know, winter. It’s different now, living in New York City, because while it definitely gets super cold here, snow is almost strictly something despised for the huge slush puddles it creates on corners; puddles that look more like melting dirt than anything else. Other than occasionally sledding in one of the city’s parks, snow is just something to avoid and winter is a complete and total inconvenience.

But maybe that’s not just New York City. Maybe that’s just growing up and wanting to take this time of year to hide from the world and enjoy it for the season of hibernation that it’s meant to be—which is all the more reason, really, to make the best of it and ensure that we’re comfortable, entertained, and glowing all winter long. Done right, we might even be sad when spring comes and we have to return to our old habits. Read on for tips on how to embrace winter by rarely experiencing it.

Curate a Great Winter Movie Playlist
Movies can be a beautiful escape from just about everything—including winter. Here are a few films that will take you through a variety of snow-filled landscapes from the comfort of your couch. Live vicariously through these while you sit cozily on your couch.

  • The Holiday Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet swap homes for the holidays in the days before Airbnb and find romance along the way. They also wear some A+ sweaters.
  • The Shining This iconic horror film features an isolated hotel, evil spirits, psychic visions, winter storms, and some of the most quotable lines in cinematic history. Red Rum! Red Rum!
  • The Ice Storm A family on edge spirals out of control until a storm intervenes in this ‘70s-set masterwork of interpersonal drama. Come for the great disco-era clothes and key parties, stay for a young Christina Ricci using a Richard Nixon mask as part of her art of seduction.
  • The Gold Rush (1925) This silent film finds Charlie Chaplin pursuing the Gold Rush only to have a blizzard trap him in a cabin. Never watched a silent film before? Start with this and quickly understand why the moving pictures quickly became all the rage.
  • Edward Scissorhands Following a science experiment gone wrong, this movie inspires viewers to see beyond appearances and also to maybe get a waterbed! No, really. That’s the lesson here.