How To Feel Good Naked

Photo by @theashleygraham instagram

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Kate Moss just posed naked, and it made the news because OMG, she’s naked at 43, what a brave soul! Rude, media, just rude. While the press on her photos is largely positive—she looks stunning, of course—we are pretty sad-face emoji about living in a society where any woman (regardless of age) is assumed to be ashamed of how she looks without her clothes on. And yet, aren’t many of us haters of our own nude bodies in one way or another? As any older woman would tell us—and by “older,” we mean 83, not 43—hating our bodies is a waste of energy we will one day regret. As Carrie famously said to Charlotte (cue Sex and the City reference #4,388,437), “The problem is not your thighs, sweetie. It’s your head.” Here, seven ways to feel amazing about yourself au naturel, no matter your age, size or genetic code.

When you're exhausted or stressed out, it's nearly impossible to feel sexy—just ask any mother who has children under the age of five. A good night's sleep and five minutes of daily meditation can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself—as can exercise, regular pampering (a $3 sheet mask does the trick) and any other form of self-care.