Meet Illegal Civilization, The Skate Crew You Wish You Knew

    The group doubles as a creative collective

    by · January 03, 2018

    Photos courtesy of Illegal Civilization.

    A few years ago on the outskirts of L.A., a group of people brought together by their love of skating formed Illegal Civilization, and on that day a skate crew and a creative collective was founded. Founder and North Hollywood native, Mikey Alfred, envisioned Illegal Civilization as an entity that could produce films, design clothing, and coordinate some kickass tours—and that's exactly what's happened. You may have caught the members during their most recent Illegal Civ Cinema Tour, or seen them around L.A. working with Jonah Hill on his upcoming directorial debut, or maybe you came across the shoot they did with Tyler the Creator and Kendall Jenner for Vogue. From its involvement in skating, film, fashion, and beyond, Illegal Civilization is flexing its multihyphenate muscle in true entrepreneurial spirit, proving that being told you can do anything, means that you can also do everything.

    We spoke to Alfred and some of the other members about working with music's and film’s biggest names, the impact skating has had on their lives, and how this is just the beginning for the crew. 

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