20 Indie Beauty Brands You Should Get To Know


Our favorite brands from this year’s Indie Beauty Expo

It's hard to forget our first Indie Beauty Expo experience (probably because it was only last year). We saw more than a hundred up-and-coming brands, showcasing everything from energizing supplements to iridescent nail polishes and cleansing milks. It was love at first sample.

This year was the same deal—except on a much larger scale. More than 220 vendors piled into Skylight Clarkson Square Studios in New York City and took over three different sections of the warehouse-like space. It was overwhelming, with tables, brands, and products taking up every available inch of room. But mostly it was exciting. You can become jaded to new beauty when you’re exposed to it all the time, but the expo allows insiders and enthusiasts alike to not only discover fun, innovative, new items but, in a lot of cases, talk with the founders behind them.

We did all of that and then some this week, and, afterward, managed to whittle down the vast selection to 20 of our favorites. Check them out, ahead.

Petite Amie
If you needed any more proof that the best skin-care products are coming out of Asia, look no further than Taiwan-based Petite Amie. Sheet masks aren’t news, but Petite Amie’s come in marble, emoji, and galaxy prints that get us excited about the category again. Also, the brand is launching a collection of eye masks in the shape of sunglasses soon that we couldn’t stop fawning over. 

Petite Amie, White Marble Masque, $15, available at Petite Amie.