insta files friday: phenomenal female painters

photo via @talilennox on instagram

picture this.

It's easy for our Instagram feeds to become monotonous, filled with shots of latte art and perfectly styled selfies. After a while we start to crave more of the unexpected—and who captures the unexpected better than artists? Female artists bring a burst of color, innovation, and serious inspiration to our daily smartphone strolling, so we've come to rely on them for some major aesthetic enhancement to our everyday lives.

These 10 women painters create completely unique works of art using some brushes, oil pastels, paint rollers, spray paint—and sometimes a little more. Whether they make their paintings on the street or in the studio, these creatives never fail to keep us amazed.

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If her Instagram is any indication, Charmaine Olivia's life is just as colorful as her vibrant, rainbow paintings of women, mermaids, and flowers. She sells her magical creations on Society6.