Insta Files Friday: West Coast Bloggers To Keep On Your Radar

down on the west coast, they got a sayin’…

American music icon Lana Del Rey is notorious for having a deep fascination with the Golden State, but more specifically, the women who inhabit it. Based on this batch of beautiful beach babes, we totally see why. For those of us that are about to break out sweaters and parkas, click through and follow these 11 style bloggers. They'll help take you back to the previous season when we were all a little more carefree, a hell of a lot warmer, and glowing with a tan.


Makeup and beauty guru Raye Boyce has a face that looks like a work of art. On top of never having a line out of place on her face, her killer outfits are always on point. She also gets experimental with her hairstyles, rocking everything from bob cuts to curly-cue ringlets, to straight purple bangs.