insta files friday: super cool sisters

photo via @samahaya instagram

because no one else knows a girl better than her sister.

Growing up with a sister can be rough at times, we know, but it’s also super amazing to know that someone’s got your back every, single time (plus we won’t deny that two closets are significantly better than one). And that’s why we were so inspired by the story in our October issue in which Lana Del Rey interviewed and snapped her photographer sister Chuck Grant for a totally up-close and personal angle. There are actually plenty of sister acts in the worlds of fashion, music, and blogging, and some might even be a bit of a shocker. While we’re all familiar with the iconic two-somes that are the sisters Olsen, Jenner, and Fanning, there are plenty of other pairs that are rocking the fashion and music worlds both together and on their own. Check out the ten coolest sister duos of Instagram in the gallery.

Suki Waterhouse (@sukiwaterhouse)
Burberry beauty Suki Waterhouse may be sitting pretty on the pages of Vogue for now, but she’s got an up-and-coming acting career up her sleeve, plus a relationship with Bradley Cooper that’s got her in a pretty bright spotlight. Also, she's insanely hilarious.