10 Best Houseplants For Your Apartment


Plus tips on how to keep them alive

Unsurprisingly, one of the reasons millennials are suddenly so obsessed with houseplants is because they make for good #Content. “[Customers] come in with their camera and phone and show me pictures of their whole entire place, wanting to make sure that it is the perfect accent to what they're doing with their furniture," Tara Hebel, founder of Sprout Home, told us back in March. “They consider it a part of the architecture of the space. So it is a priority to them, it's not just like getting a little plant to put on their table. They are making room in their design agenda to make sure that plants are included, and considering that part of the whole aesthetic package."

We're vain, we know it, and we're here to help you own it like we did. Ahead, we gathered what we think are the most Instagram-friendly houseplants on the market. You won't find your typical succulents on the list because we need you to be confident in your care and influencing abilities. You're better than a cactus placed alongside an issue of Zadie Smith's Swing Time. Trade it in for a bespeckled Fittonia or a brightly colored pot overflowing with a String of Pearl. You can do this.

After scrolling through our picks, make sure to also watch the above video with Robyn Moore, director of client services and commercial design for The Sill, in which she reveals which plants work for small, large, sunny, and dark or low-light rooms. Plants for all, y'all.

These quaint swiss cheese-leafed babies are present in many "outfit of the day" snaps (peeking out from the corner, usually) and in stills where one gigantic leaf is propped in a vase full of water. They’re multifunctional, and you can grow them either way. 

Keep in mind, if you choose the soil option, the Monstera can be a bit of a wild child. “Expect that it’ll kind of grow out, and you’ll want to accommodate it,” Moore tells us. So, if you occupy a smaller space, this might not be the plant for you. If you have some room, know that it requires medium to bright light (a good indication that it’s getting enough sun is the number of holes in the leaves. If yours doesn’t have many, it likely needs more light) and watering once a week. 

Plop a Monstera leaf into some water, though, and it’ll last up to a couple of weeks. The likes, though, are forever.