The Cool Girl’s Guide to Instagram Stories

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    by · February 28, 2017

    So you’ve mastered the basics of Instagram Stories—paint brushes, location tags, filters, stickers, etc.—but where do you go from here? Open your Instagram app, start tapping through stories, and you’ll likely see a lot of the same. Most have a couple emojis, a bit of text, perhaps an occasional squiggle of paint. Simple is fine, but why not get outside your creative comfort zone? Play with proportion, color, and repetition. Grab the neon brush and plop down some extraterrestrial polka dots.

    As with any creative activity, it’s easy to fall into a rut. Just because your story disappears in 24 hours, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be curated with the same loving touch as your main feed. To lend a hand, we’ve experimented, scoured the digital depths of IG, and double tapped until our fingers went numb, to bring you a roundup of the best ways to spice up your story. Click below to explore some innovative techniques, and maybe discover a new IG account or two. 

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