On the Road with Erika Jayne: Not Your Typical Housewife

Photographed by Beth Garrabrant, Styled by Blake Vulgamott

The Star Talks ‘Real Housewives,’ Self-Empowerment, and the Secret to Staying Fabulous

In the sixth season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills—which premiered this past December on Bravo—we were introduced to a new HBIC in town, Erika Girardi—also known by her diva alter ego, Erika Jayne. Mrs. Girardi quickly became a fan favorite after she taught us how to “pat the puss," throw subtle shade at almost every housewife (except for Yolanda, of course), and reign supreme as queen of the gays. And let's not forget her iconic delivery of the word, “jealous." Obviously team NYLON is team Erika Jayne/Girardi, so we made it our mission to meet up with her while she was in town touring the country as pop sensation Erika Jayne.

As I entered her glamorous hotel suite, all I could hear was her tagline, “I'm an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, and cash" play over and over in my head—and I think I've finally decoded what that really means since meeting her. The enigma about Erika is that on paper she could appear to some as a slightly vapid human being (see: money, fame, glamour)—but in fact, she's extremely kind, sweet, grounded, and real right off the bat (both in person and on the show). The riddle is that she's laying down in a bathtub wearing a fur coat over a black-and-gold sequin jumpsuit from The Blonds and orders a cheeseburger from room service. The cash can be seen almost everywhere in her hotel room—from the rows of Louboutin heels to the trays of Chanel jewelry to her own personal rack of designer clothing—but the material goods do not define her. What really defines Erika is her positive attitude, confidence, humbleness, and humor within herself and her surroundings. Case in point: What other Housewife would deliver lines like “eat a dick" while posing for a photograph for us? Here, the self-proclaimed “pretty mess" gives us some valuable life lessons. Scroll through the gallery for the full interview.

Photographed by Beth Garrabrant, Styled by Blake Vulgamott

When did you manifest Erika Jayne as a persona?

2007 was really when I started to make records and when I released my first album called Rollercoaster. As human beings, we all have layers to ourselves, you know? When I say there’s a little bit of Erika Jayne in everybody, what I mean by that is: No one is one way all the time. No one is buttoned up all the time and no one is wild all the time. There are different parts to your personality, different layers—and that’s really what Erika Jayne is, another layer to a human being.

Would you say Erika Jane has empowered Erika Girardi?

I think they empower each other. Being able to express yourself under the name Erika Jayne and saying things people want to say but wouldn’t, or doing things that people want to do but don’t, or taking that extra leap of faith or pushing the levels of sexuality, or whatever, that helps Erika Girardi stand on her own two feet and be calm and peaceful. There’s nothing undone or unspoken, or nothing unsaid.

CADET, Flight Jumpsuit. Christian Louboutin, Heels.