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    the films that inspired this month’s author.

    by · January 17, 2014
    Join the NYLON Book Club! This month we're reading The Isle of Youth by Laura van den Berg--get the details here. Already reading along with us? Check out what the author had to say about the process of writing the book and the films that inspired it below. Movie marathon, anyone?
    In August 2008, I moved with the man who would become my husband from Boston to a cabin in rural North Carolina. We both had our first short story collections forthcoming the following year and had decided to ditch Boston, the long winters, and the high rents for North Carolina--the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains to be exact--in order to devote ourselves to new projects.In Boston, we were harried with day job­s and dwindling bank accounts. In North Carolina, we had acres of time to write. Yet I found myself stuck. I started a novel but quickly ran out of steam. I longed to write new short stories, but felt empty of ideas. I kept picking up new books, longing to be inspired, but nothing was breaking my creative malaise.The truth was, I was restless in the mountains. I was petrified of the woods at night, so the rustlings of woodland creatures--or worse, dead silence--did not soothe but turned me into an insomniac. Summer ended; the town, bustling with tourists when we arrived, grew quiet. I started experiencing alarming medical symptoms: nausea, chest pain, fainting spells. "Nature is killing me," I would tell my husband, only half-joking. We had committed to the cabin for a year and I was starting to worry I wouldn't write a word worth keeping.When I'm stuck, I sometimes turn to other mediums for inspiration. Recently an exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum helped me figure out an aspect of the novel I'm currently working on; the rich visuals of film often help me see the fictional worlds I'm attempting to create more vividly. In North Carolina, three films carried me back to a place where I could imagine, helped me dream up the situations and the characters that appear in The Isle of Youth.
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