15 Gorgeous Pieces Of Garnet Jewelry To Celebrate January Birthdays

New Year, newly reenergized chakras

Giving season may finally be over, but what about all those January birthdays coming up?

Now that December is behind us—along with its reigning turquoise, zircon, and tanzanite gems—a new birthstone has stepped up to the plate. Welcome back the brooding garnet, the perfect gift for all of the Capricorns and early Aquariuses in your life.

While the garnet can be found in a vast range of colors, from dark yellow and olive to black, it’s most commonly seen in the form of dark blood red and vibrant scarlet stones. This stunning gem is believed to hold a number of healing properties, from reducing body toxins to alleviating bad dreams and realigning the chakras. What better way to kick off a new year?

All-around, it’s a pretty powerful gemstone to have on hand, which is why we rounded up the coolest garnet jewelry out there. From geometric rings for the minimalist to spookier baubles for anyone embracing the dark side of winter, your gift list for everyone born this month awaits.

Check out our 15 must-haves, below.

Photo courtesy of Marva Atelier

Marva Atelier, Mireya Cocktail Ring With Blood Garnet, $94, available at Marva Atelier.