Four Real-Life Journalists Give Rory Gilmore Career Advice

    1) Don’t expect editors to grovel at your feet

    Robert Voets/Netflix

    In the long-awaited reunion special of Gilmore Girls—the cult mother-daughter drama that won the hearts of cerebral bookworms everywhere—intellectual daughter Rory grows up to be, unsurprisingly, a journalist.

    The Netflix special, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, picks up nine years after we first left the duo: after Rory took off to cover Barack Obama’s first run at the Democratic nomination and embarked on what seemed like a promising career as a freelance writer. Things are not so bright and shiny in Trump’s America, however, as we find Rory flailing, both personally and professionally.

    The show’s depiction of Rory’s career caused a bit of drama among journalists, who seemed to agree that Rory’s professional story line desperately needed a reality check. Four working journos have a few words of advice for Rory, who is clearly in need of a 101 refresher course.

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