Here Are Your July Horoscopes

What the stars have in store for you this month

There must be some scientific fact that can explain the reason why the winter months this year felt 60 days long each while June flew by so fast it’s not quite clear if it even happened. No, I’m sure it happened. I’m sure it happened because most of June felt like the first time our country’s citizens were made acutely aware of the inhumane treatment imposed on those who seek refuge here; especially those who seek refuge from the gang violence and wars in South and Central America for which our country holds a lot of responsibility.

And, there are a lot of astrologers, a lot of people who study the sky, who know that the events occurring now—their irreparable cruelty—are part of a powerful shift intended to rupture the very foundation of how we live. Not because it hasn’t happened before, but because it has. And, it’s true that while winter was a shit show, it’s also true that it's just now that the Supreme Court passed the travel ban, which serves as a death sentence to so many. It’s true that a woman’s right to choose her own life over one that doesn't even exist is in danger; it's also true that one would be hard pressed to find “pro-life” advocates donating to foundations which aim to keep asylum-seeking families together and out of detention centers. 

All of it is true and still we mean to go on. How to reconcile days spent lolling at the beach or eating sliced apples on clean blankets in the park with these days of horror—which is also a kind of awe—with what humans are willing to put others through under auspices of a higher authority or the promise of a better wage? How to imagine our individual lives, our futures, pressed up against so many futures suppressed, disallowed, and revoked? 

Whoever you are, wherever you are, know this: I wrote these horoscopes because I know that in times of suffering, those in danger still mean to make art, fall in love, go to the movies, wear that special dress. I wrote these horoscopes knowing that if you’re in danger then I’m in danger. I wrote these horoscopes because I feel the revolution coming, because we are tethered, you in I, in the stars and in the streets. 

It might surprise you to hear, Aries, that every Aries in my life has taught me something about the light. It might be of use to you in this moment, especially if you feel heavy with shadow, to remember the many ways you yourself have been a light worker. There is nothing wrong with sitting with our shadows, Aries, nothing wrong with recognizing where darkness resides in us. Darkness will show you what you hunger for and how deeply your hunger roots in you. Your darkness is a sacred and fertile place. Still, to believe that your darkness is total, to convince yourself that pain must be both your teacher and your prison, is to snuff out the fire of your curiosity. Eternal student, pain is only one of your teachers and if there is a prison within you then there is a ring of keys within you too and it chimes a freedom song. 

What doors are you willing to unlock within you? What prison have you chosen for yourself? In your life, there are matters of circumstance and matters of habit. Circumstances change on their own but habits and cycles are either chosen or broken. 

Aries, your Tarot card is The Emperor, and an emperor at his best always has a plan, understands his position, and knows how to navigate his power. An emperor can build prisons and abolish them. In this age of empire and its cruel ubiquitous reach, its valuable for us to think about power—where it comes from and how we use it. If you carry the energy of the emperor then you carry the energy of a chosen king. A chosen king is blessed by God and by his people; a good king means to serve both before he serves himself. To serve God, one listens for the call of lightness and walks with faith toward that call. And, yes, the Indigo Girls were right about one thing at least, “lightness is a call that’s hard to hear,” so listen: in the mortal realm, lightness is what lifts you up, what gives you forward meaning and refutes shame. When you allow yourself to hear it within you, you will hear it within your people and it will fill you with a supreme love for all your relations.