Kate Nash Talks Music, Fashion, And The Wildness Of Summer

Photo by Lindsey Byrnes, Styling by Rebekah Roy, Hair and Makeup by Evan Huang

On staying hungry and keeping inspired

Singer-songwriter Kate Nash made a huge splash when she burst on the music scene in 2007 with her album Made of Bricks. In the intervening decade, lots has changed in the music industry (it's been a post-MySpace world for some time now), and Nash has kept busy touring, putting out other albums (2010's My Best Friend Is You and 2013's Girl Talk), and getting involved with ancillary projects, like the music documentary Distortion of Sound. Nash also spent time living in L.A., a huge change from her native U.K. 

We recently caught up with Nash to talk about her new single, "Good Summer," and play dress up on the streets of London.

Photo by Lindsey Byrnes, Styling by Rebekah Roy, Hair and Makeup by Evan Huang

What's your favorite part about dressing up?
I love that clothes can completely change my mood, and I really like using clothes to “dress up.” As a kid, I felt such joy looking into the boxes of junk that my parents had for us to mess around with, and I continue to make my wardrobe look as much like a costume shop as possible. Mainly, I want my clothes to make me laugh and feel comfortable and confident. 

You have a new song that you're about to release, can you tell us about it?
"Good Summer" is about a typical British summer experience. I grew up in London where one of my main memories of my teen years is walking home from the train station with wet laces slapping my ankles and drizzly rain frizzing up my ginger hair. When the summer came, it literally felt like the biggest relief and like the best things in the world could happen. People in England really go for it during the summer because we have such minimal summery days. There is a wildness to it.