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Photo by Kathryna Hancock

too cool for the summer

As anyone who's spent time in New York knows, there's a certain relaxed energy and a cool effortlessness needed to fight the summer heat, which seems to radiate off our city's sidewalks. In summertime, we celebrate our freedom under the beating sun—a freedom that allows us to go anywhere and be anyone. And this liberty permits far less clothing than our chilly-weather wardrobes, which sometimes poses a sartorial challenge.

Photographer Kathryna Hancock and stylist Amber Wavvves capture this savegely beautiful dichtomy in their latest fashion editorial, with fall pieces arranged to beat the heat. No matter the temperature—from sub-zero to molten—you'll never catch a New York girl without her boots. And in the (relatively) climate-controlled urban jungle, crop tops and coats are no longer seasonal necessities, but become trans-seasonal statements that travel with you the whole year.

At the center of this editorial is Katiusha Feofanova. She has the whole model package: It-girl vibes, youthful effervesence, and a face set to stun. She plays the quintessential Manhattan girl, always on the move, and always prepared to kick back once work is done. Kathryna begs the question,"What would it look like if People's Park happened in Manhattan, and Katiusha was leading the way?" Sashaying through the park to a big meeting, or to meet her friends on their blanket in Sheep's Meadow? Katiusha isn't telling of the destination, but we're totally on board for a  journey through summertime.

Click through the gallery to see the spread, and gain some inspiration along the way.

Photographed by Kathryna Hancock
Styled by Amber Wavvves
Modeled by Katiusha Feofanova

Photo by Kathryna Hancock

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Boots by Hollywood Forever Vintage.