A-Morir’s Kerin Rose Gold On Designing Accessories For Savage x Fenty Show

Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images for Savage X Fenty.

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There was a lot to look at and love during the Savage x Fenty show this year. Like, the production, the lingerie, and the fact that model Slick Woods walked it while pregnant (and in labor, we would later find out). During all of this, you might’ve overlooked one other outstanding detail though: the accessories. 

The furry earrings and bedazzled sunglasses and hoops were all courtesy of Kerin Rose Gold, founder of beloved eyewear company A-Morir. Gold has been working with Rihanna and her team for the past nine years (almost as long as the brand has been around), so the collaboration for the NYFW show was a natural progression for their relationship. Tom Van Dorpe styled the show, while Fenty’s design director Melissa Battifarano brought her on. 

Gold explains the design process, telling us: “We went through the whole collection, which was broken down into the sections you saw on the runway. We went over eyewear shapes and the general vibe, and then I started making pieces.” She’s become known over the years for her flower eyewear, which happened to already be a part of the styling for the show. “The collection was very easy to be inspired by,” Gold adds. 

While A-Morir is known for its eyewear, Gold enjoys dabbling and experimenting with other accessories, too. “This show served as a great way for me to say, ‘Hey, eyewear isn’t the only thing I can add an A-Morir twist to.’” In fact, her favorite piece from the lineup ended up being the marabou “boudoir” hoops. “They may look simple, but they’re very technical to produce,” she says. 

While Rihanna is a long-standing client, Gold chose to work with her—as well as other fashion brands like Chromat—because she makes it a point to prioritize diversity. “It baffles my mind when people don’t advocate for equality and inclusivity… in the workforce, on the runway, in your nightclub, on the supreme court, and so on,” she says. “Representation in fashion matters because it gives people the permission, agency, and support to be whomever and dress however they want to be. And who wants to be the asshole who doesn’t want to uplift society like that?”

Check out some of our favorite pieces, ahead, and the rest over on A-Morir. 

A-Morir for Savage x Fenty, Beverly, $275, available at A-Morir