Unwrapped: For The Korean Beauty Lover

Skin Care

Gifts that go beyond sheet masks

A piece came out in The New York Times recently that, more or less, claims that Americans have been had by K-beauty. The author, who is Korean herself, claims that the key to Korean women's flawless skin isn't "ginseng" and "Jeju volcano water," but rather, cosmetic surgery and Botox. This might be true, meaning all those Korean beauty obsessives out there may just have been fooled into thinking the fountain of youth can be packaged into a jar. And yet, I'd also make the case that most fans don't gravitate toward the skin-care obsessed country for its promise of ageless-looking skin, but rather are interested in its innovation, nice packaging, gentle ingredients, and affordable prices. Those are the factors that have made K-beauty the leading category in skin care.

With that said, we're sure you have a K-beauty fanatic in your life—we'd guess every friend group has at least one. And so, you probably already know that you can't just throw any snail slime-touting product at them; your gifts have to be a bit more calculated if you're going to impress this bunch. To help, we've gathered some of the best sets and products to give your Seoul-loving girl or guy this holiday. And, don't worry, there's no Tony Moly in sight.

The hardest part about being a fan of K-beauty is keeping up with all the new products. A subscription box will help ease the anxiety, by providing products based on skin type, skin color, and main skin concern.

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