This Collaboration Will Make You A Bona Fide Vintage Style Queen

Photographed by Sebastian Ramirez

NYLONshop x L Train Vintage

From Tommy Hilfiger tees to sequined Miu Miu flats, denim Hello Kitty dresses, and everything in between, L Train Vintage has proven to be the vintage style mecca for the girl who wants her look to be original and fresh. So when it came time to find a store to collaborate with, we couldn't think of a better fit than the cult-favorite chain.

With the help of Laura Rodriguez, daughter of the owners of L Train Vintage, we pulled some summer looks together with a little help from some of the most coveted pieces from our NYLONshop. The result? Timeless and chic getups that anyone would love.

"Every year, I take on a new persona. It's fun," Rodriguez says of her own style. She credits her sartorial transience to being exposed to a fashion-forward family business that has made her very particular about what she wears. "If I can't find it at L Train Vintage, I typically won't wear it." With one exception: "Countless encounters of flapping around NYC with my broken vintage boots was fun in my college years, but not so much now," the fashionista says. Now, she gets new shoes to go with her vintage clothes. 

Another good rule to remember with vintage and trends is that what goes around, comes around. In other words, buying vintage doesn't mean your style won't look contemporary.

In the future, however, she plans to move away from the "vintage mafia" and forge her own path. The denim skirt featured in the shoot is part of AYPE, a line that Rodriguez is planning on launching this fall with her cousin Astrid.

See the looks from our '70s-inspired shoot below, and shop the collaboration, here.

Stylist: Lauren Rodriguez
Talent: Michelle Wilson

Photographed by Sebastian Ramirez

Toru & Naoko, Arabella Top, $46, available on NYLONshop, L Train Vintage, skirt.